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1999 U.S. National Championships - Junior Ladies

1. Sara Wheat, University of Delaware FSC (3, 1)
2. Sasha Cohen, Orange County FSC (1, 2)
3. Jennifer Kirk, SC of Boston (2, 3)
4. Elizabeth Kwon, SC of Northern Virginia (4, 4)
5. Ye Bin Mok, Los Angeles FSC (5, 5)
6. Ann Patrice McDonough, Broadmoor SC (7, 7)
7. Arim Choi, DuPage FSC (6, 8)
8. Kristen Adamczyk, Broadmoor SC (11, 6)
9. Carina Chen, DuPage FSC (8, 9)
10. J. J. Matthews, Anchorage FSC (9, 10)
11. Stephanie Roth, SC of New York (10, 11)
withdrew: Emily Pitchon, Los Angeles FSC

The junior ladies competition at nationals was one of the finest at the event in terms of overall skating. Jenny gave two excellent performances. In her short program, she landed the toughest jumps of the field with a clean triple flip-double toe combination, a triple loop, and a double axel. She stepped out of her first jump, the triple lutz, in the long program. However, that was her only mistake--she proceeded to complete six more triples, including a triple salchow, triple flip, triple loop, triple toe-double toe combination, double axel-half loop-triple salchow combination, and a triple toe. She skated last in both portions of the event, but managed to keep her focus throughout the competition.

The other top ladies also skated very well, making this an exciting competition all-around, and Jenny accomplished her goal of skating two solid programs.