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Here's Jenny's biography as she wrote it:

I was born August 15th, 1984. When I was three I started to take ballet lessons. I continued with ballet until I was twelve. When I was six, I started gymnastics. I was picked for the Mass Stars team when I was eight. I quit gymnastics when I was nine, and I started to skate. I was still doing ballet, and other activities such as piano and soccer.

I began to really enjoy skating right away. I was skating for about one time a week until I was nine and a half. Then, I got more serious and started to compete. And I have continued seriously skating ever since.

Then, just last year I had to make a decision. My new coaches, Mary and Evy Scotvold, live and their rink is in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I live in Boston which is close to two hours away from Cape Cod. My mom didn't want to drive that much every day, so we decided to have me move out there. I had to move to a new school and give up ballet, which was something that I was very reluctant to do since it was the sport that I loved second best to skating. So this past year I have been living in Cape Cod with a lady named Nancy Harkness.

I go home to see my family every weekend. It is kind of hard for me...not being able to see my family like I used to. But I know that it is for skating, and it is really worth it!

More About Jenny:
She has a sister named Emily who's 18; a half-sister, Meredith, 8; and a half-brother, Elijah, 1.
She has a cat named Skybow.

Here's what appears in Jenny's USFSA bio (photo included):

Born: August 15, 1984 - Newton, Massachusetts
Height: 4'7"
Home Club: SC of Boston
Hometown: Newton, Massachusetts
Training Town: South Dennis, Massachusetts
School: Wixon Middle School
Coaches: Evy & Mary Scotvold
Choreographer: Deidre Williams

Kirk began skating at age 9 after competing in gymnastics for years...she was selected for four years to be in the cast of the Boston Ballet Nutcracker...her interests include ballet, piano, writing, art and reading...she participated in the USFSA Basic Skills program...her favorite part of figure skating is landing triple jumps.