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Past Entries:
July 13, 1998

August 2, 1998

Hi Everyone!

I hope that everyone is having a great Summer! My Summer has been a lot of fun so far. I am training very hard, and working on my programs. I have a competition at the rink that I train at in about three weeks called the Cranberry Open.

Some of the fun things that I have been doing this Summer, are going to the beach, to the movies, going to the swimming pool, hanging out and relaxing with my friends from the rink. Next weekend my mom and I are going to be going to Nantucket for the weekend. My coaches work us pretty hard at the rink, so every free chance the skaters get we try to have relax and have fun with each other.

During the week I live in Cape Cod away from my parents with Nancy Harkness. She boards skaters at her house, and it's a ton of fun to live with four other girls around my same age. It's almost like a slumber party every night! But, we have practice in the mornings, so we need to get to bed early to get our rest.

Well, now I have to go drive back to the Cape. I would love it if people could e-mail me and tell me what you've been doing this Summer!

Best Wishes!
~Jennifer Anne Kirk~