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Past Entries:
July 13, 1998
August 2, 1998

September 2, 1998

Hey Everyone!

A lot of things have happened to my since my last journal entry. ONe thing is that I am no longer 13 anymore! I had my 14th birthday just a couple of weeks ago. It was a lot of fun, because my friends from the rink threw me a surprise party! I was so surprised, because my birthday wasn't untill Saturday, and the day they gave me the party was on Thursday. So, I wasn't expecting anything! I got a lot of very nice gifts including a TON of candy!

The Summer session ended last week at my rink. It was very sad, because a lot of the kids who were at my rink for the Summer had to leave and go back home for school to start. One of the people that left to go back home to Minnesota was a girl named Alesia Riker. I met her on AOL long before the Summer started. We had decided to become pen pals. While we were writing to eachother she said that she was being coached by Ann Militano. I knew that Ann was one of my coaches, Mary Scotvold's sister. I also knew that Ann was coming to the Cape this Summer and was going to be bringing some of her students with her. So, overtime talking to Alesia I found out that she was going to be training at the same rink with me in the Summer! I was so exciting when I found that out, but I got reallyhappy when I found out that she was going to be living at the same house as me! Over the Summer we became very good friends, and I was very sad when she left last week.

I competed my junior programs for the first time. This was a hard competition for a lot of skaters, because the juniors had to compete four times in threedays. This meant that I had to compete twice on Friday. The competition was a lot of fun, and I was very happy with the way I skated. In my short program I came in first in both the qualifying competition and in the final round. I skated clean short programs both times. I also came in first in both of the long program competitions. I was very happy with my long program because both times I competed with it I landed my triple flip and my double axle half loop triple salchow for the first times. It was a very fun competition, and a lot of my friends from the Summer placed well too.

Well, school starts in about one week. So, that is something that I am looking forward too. I have another competition called The Boston Open in about three weeks. I'll write again soon!

~Jennifer Anne Kirk~