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Previous Entry: September 2, 1998

November 8, 1998

Hi, I am sorry that I haven't written for so long! I have been very busy. My last entry was from the end of Summer! Well, school started. I am in a new school, Harwich High School. It's a big change from the school that I went to last year, since we are using different books, and the school system is a lot harder than last year. I hope that next term goes better than the first term.

On October 23rd-25th, I performed in Nancy Kerrigan's Halloween On Ice. That show was so much fun! I loved every second of it! My most favorite part of the show was being with my favorite skaters, such as Kurt Browning. He is very nice! I skated well, and one of the biggest surprises was to see myself on t.v! Another thing about the show which I enjoyed was getting my face painted. The makeup artists were very good, and I think that all the skaters loved to get made-up.

Right after Halloween On Ice, I had to start to train extremely hard for New Englands. I knew that it would be a challange for me, because I was planning six triples in my program, including a jump which I had never tried in competition before-triple lutz. In practice, it was taking me a long time to start to land all these jumps in my programs.

On Wednsday, I had my qualifying competition. We have to skate our long programs, and the top six moved to the finals. I won, although I wasn't so happy with the way I skated. The next night was the short. I was so happy when the skating order for the short came up. I drew to skate 1st, which is my favorite spot to skate! I love it so much, because I don't have to worry about how the other skaters did, I can just think about myself. I did a clean short, landing my triple flip double toe. I was very happy when the short was over, because I knew I had to do everything perfectly! The top six junior ladies all skated clean, which is something that you don't see everyday! I came in first after the short.

Then, yesterday was my long program. I drew to skate last, which is my least favorite spot to skate. After the warm-up, I don't like to watch the other skaters. If I am skating late in the group, then I usually take my skates off, and jump around in the locker room. I wasn't at all thinking about the jumps or anything in my program before I skated. I was just thinking about having fun, and smiling.

The first jump in my long program in triple lutz. Going into it, I was holding my breath. I thought that for sure I was going to fall. The next thing I knew, I was on my feet! I watched the video this morning, and my face is so funny! I couldn't stop smiling : ) Then, I did spread eagle triple sal, which is one of the easier triples for me. My next jump is a triple flip. I was just thinking, don't mess up! When I landed it, my smile was so big! The rest of my program was perfect, and I landed two more triple toes, and a double axel half loop triple salchow. When I got off the ice, it felt like I hadn't skated at all. Everything felt so easy. That was one of the greatest feelings in the world.

I won the long, and got first overall. Now, I have to start to train hard for Easterns,and I hope to make it to nationals!

Best Wishes,

Jennifer Kirk